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Bitcoin: The B Word - Bitcoin Conference Track 1 - 3 - Cathie Wood / Elon Musk / Jack Dorsey

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The ₿ Word is a Bitcoin focused initiative that aims to explain how institutions can embrace Bitcoin and how we all can support the network.

This is a Live Watch Party of The B Word conference on YouTube.
After Woods, Musk and Dorsey (12 AM PDT) We will decide whether it's worth it to watch the rest of the conference or do some post-conference coverage.

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The B Word Programme:

*** 9 AM PDT - Demystifying Bitcoin ***

Topics & Speakers:
Debunking "Bitcoin Wastes Energy" - Nic Carter
Debunking "Bitcoin Faciltates Criminal Activity" - Philip Gradwell
Debunking "Bitcoin is Unscalable" - Arjun Balaji
Debunking "Bitcoin Ownership is Concentrated" - Nate Maddrey
Debunking "Bitcoin Can Be Displaced Easily" - Lyn Alden

*** 11 AM PDT - Bitcoin as a Tool for Economic Empowerment ***
Cathie Wood
Jack Dorsey
Elon Musk
Steve Lee

*** 12 AM PDT - Supporting the Developer Ecosystem ***

*** 2:25 PM PDT - Supporting the Developer Ecosystem ***

*** 4:10 PM PDT - Supporting the Developer Ecosystem ***

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