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GONGJU, KOREA VLOG ✨forests, cafes, cold noodles

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Hi everyone! Finally made it to this city that I've had on my list since the winter lol but snow and then fine dust refused to let up long enough for me to go. It was an absolutely lovely day and I highly recommend it if you're trying to get out of the city. Will I be back here in winter for the chestnut roasting festival? Probably lol. See you soon and sending loooove!

Gongju Bus Terminal - http://naver.me/xJNBPe4f
연미산자연미술공원 (Art Forest) - http://naver.me/GbEcYhgp
Maehyang Cold Noodles - http://naver.me/xdIkMdHr
루치아의 뜰 Tea House - http://naver.me/GMRvR1Ta
Gong San Sung Fortress - http://naver.me/IIxnHxFe
Stone Age Museum - http://naver.me/FRDckXyC
Haru Cafe - http://naver.me/GUvlCqbO
King Mureyong Royal Tombs - http://naver.me/GPr3OUGU
Front Cafe - http://naver.me/5bXdRfbQ

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