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Salento and the Cocora Valley – World’s Tallest Palm Trees // Colombia Travel Vlog

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Home to the world's largest palm trees, the Cocora Valley in Salento is said to be one of the best places to visit in Colombia. The only trouble is that it is a little out of the way from pretty much every other top tourist attraction in Colombia. In this video, we explore the palm trees in the Cocora Valley, meander through Salento's Disney-inspiring streets, and ultimately answer the question: "Is the Cocora Valley worth visiting?"

If you are wondering what to do in Salento, the first answer you will come across is to visit the nearby Cocora Valley (or Valle de Cocora in Spanish) to see one of Colombia's many marvels - the world's tallest palm trees. You have to take a jeep ride to get there from Salento (which is an experience of it's own), but the palm trees are easily accessible from the town of Salento. Weather in the Cocora Valley can be a little unpredictable, so we suggest you get there nice and early in an attempt to arrive before the morning fog rolls in. Although it might not be ideal to visit on a foggy day, there is something magical about seeing the world's tallest palms popping up through the mist.

The town of Salento is the most picturesque place we have ever visited. It is no wonder this small Colombian town was used as the inspiration for Disney's Encanto. The colourful streets, trendy markets, and delicious food make for a great place to base yourself out of for a few days. If you are a fish lover and are visiting Salento, we highly recommend trying trucha makanas at Donde Laurita restaurant - according to Mico it is amazing! And be sure to build time into your itinerary to just walk around and marvel at the beautifully painted doors down every street in this small town.

If you are looking for all the best places to see in Colombia (remember, it's not spelt Columbia - that's a outdoor adventure brand!) you can click this link to view our Colombia playlist to see all the adventures we got up to during our trip to Colombia: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSSlYnwzYFH5MeEHSQw2S03ec8SzuazAt

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== Chapters ==
00:00 The beautiful Cocora Valley
00:25 Where are we now?
01:50 A little wind in your hair at 7am?
02:45 Seriously, look at this place?!
04:47 The Colombia we pictured
05:45 Why we aren't hiking much
06:23 We were hoping this wouldn't happen
07:06 Drinking coffee with the tallest palm trees in the world!
09:16 Trucha macanas at Donde Lauritas (lunch time!)
11:24 Commence tour of the famous doors of Salento
12:51 So, are Salento and the Cocora Valley worth visiting?
13:44 Bloopers

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