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Television Series That Were Canceled After One Episode

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Do you know of any television shows that were canceled immediately after they hit the airwaves? If so, let us know in the comments section below. There's nothing worse than finding out that your newfound favorite television show has gotten the ax after only airing for one season. But then there are shows that never even made it that far.

▬Contents of this video▬
00:00 - Intro
00:29 - Who's Whose – 1951
00:51 - You're In The Picture - 1961
01:33 - Turn-On – 1969
02:22 - The Melting Pot – 1975
02:56 - Co-Ed Fever – 1979
03:32 - Melba – 1986
04:18 - Heil Honey I'm Home! - 1990
04:50 - Public Morals – 1996
05:28 - Lawless – 1997
05:43 - Dot Comedy – 2000
06:08 - Comedians Unleashed – 2002
06:34 - The Will – 2005
06:57 - Emily's Reasons Why Not – 2009
07:28 - The Rich List – 2006
07:54 - Outro

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Join us as we discuss several television series that flopped before they could even get noticed. Every show that we'll be discussing in this video got canceled after airing just one measly episode. Can you imagine being a television producer or actor and investing so much time and effort into a project only for it to be grounded almost immediately after takeoff?

Granted, it's pretty rare for a show to be immediately canceled and there are normally extenuating circumstances involved behind-the-scenes that lead to such abrupt action. Shows can get the boot so early on in their run because of factors such as receiving extremely negative critical responses, poor ratings, controversial subject material, or sometimes even offset scandals.

You won't believe how awful some of these one-off failures actually were. But, to be fair, some of them were actually received well by critics when they first hit the airwaves. Sometimes a show can get canceled just for being aired in the wrong time slot while other times, world events get in the way and capture viewers' attention leading to a show performing worse than can be expected int eh rating department.

Television Series That Were Canceled After One Episode

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